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Our Last Event

11-11-2017 - The Event was full of crazy surprises and devastating losses, that made for one heck of a show.

In the first match of the night Randy Urkel made his Hartford debut against Lord Lover Boy. After some prancing, slapping and some truly sissy fighting, Lord Lover Boy took the win with a less than PG pin.

After some pre match trash talk the next match between Zack Lawless and Lightning Kid quickly turned into a back and forth slam fest between the two, with Lightning Kid finishing the match with a 619 followed by a super kick for the win.

The third match of the night was between Ruffhouse Rickard and Rowdy Red turned out to be less than a fair fight, with Ruffhouse being warned multiple times by Ref Wayne for unsportsmanlike conduct sending Rowdy into the ropes and choking him. After several close calls Rowdy Red came back to take the win.

The fourth match of the night was set to be a gauntlet match between Dono Deville and four of the Dark Shadows, but Dono was injured by them after the match in October, this had him unable to fight. In a surprising turn of events Joker Jones came out and volunteered to take his place. He was remorseful over his action at the Sept. 23rd show that ended up knocking Dono out of the championship.

Jones made light work of his first two competitors, and after a few hard hits even managed to take down not one but two more Shadows. It looked like he had won but then Sir Charles came out with a fifth Shadow, that turned out to be none other than Ryan Rage himself. After some questionable moves followed by some down right cheating took the win the only way he could.

A six way over the top Battle Royal between Rowdy Red, Lightning Kid, Joker Jones, Ryan Rage, and two of the Dark Shadows, was what went down in the fifth round. With the top contender slot open to the last man standing.

It was a brutal match. The two Dark Shadows were taken out by Rowdy Red as Ryan Rage and Joker Jones continued their fight from earlier in the night, before Rowdy Red sent them both over the top rope, before being sent over himself in a surprise win for Lightning Kid.

The Main Event of the night was none other than Danny Dee vs. Brandon Taggart. Danny and Taggart went head to head for a while before Taggart pulled some dirty tricks to give himself the upper hand. With some very close counts of TWO. But, Danny showed him how to seal the deal with a THREE count for the win.

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